In 2019, the Jazz Club Moods launched the event format "Moods Carte Blanche", replacing the previous concert series "Artist in Residence". The "Moods Carte Blanche" offers six selected artists* each the opportunity to realize their own projects - they are free to choose the venue, the timing and the type of projects. As in the past, the selection of the six artists is the responsibility of the Musicians' Council which is made up of six representatives of the Zurich jazz scene.
In 2023, Linda Vogel, Anna Frey, Rafael Schilt, Tamriko Kordzaia, Domi Chansorn und Daniel Schenker have received a "Moods Carte Blanche". In June 2024, the Carte Blanche Festival will take place at the end of their season.

Carte Blanche Festival 2024

  • Carte Blanche Festival

    Linda Vogel

    • Linda & Lukas Vogel

      Electronic / PartyExperimentalPop / Rock / Singer / SongwriterElectronicPop
  • Carte Blanche Festival

    Domi Chansorn

    • Space Echo der Zeit

  • Anna & Stoffner mit Membrez und Mantel

    Anna Frey

    • Experimental
    • Rap / R'n'B / Brass
    • Experimental Jazz
  • Carte Blanche Festival

    Daniel Schenker

    • Schenker – Kapilidis – Sommer – Baschnagel

      JazzClassic Jazz
  • Carte Blanche Festival

    Rafael Schilt

    • Midlife

      Jazz Modern CreativeModern Creative Jazz

In an extraordinarily extended season from January 2024 to June 2025, nine musicians were given carte blanche: Lucas Niggli, Roberto Domeniconi, Tizia Zimmermann, Franziska Bruecker, Brandy Butler, Dave Gisler, Simon Grab, Jonas Ruther and Victoria Mozalevskaya.

Carte Blanche Concerts of The 2024/2025 Season


    Victoria Mozalevskaya

    • Jazz
    • Contemporary Jazz
  • Carte Blanche

    Simon Grab – Videoex im Walcheturm

    • Fractura

      ExperimentalElectronic / PartyElectronic