Victoria Mozalevskaya

Musical storytelling about personal boundaries and social conventions

Victoria Mozalevskaya SaxophonSong Yi Jeon VocalsDavid Tixier Piano, SynthesizerLada Obradovic Drum Kit
A woman. A musician. A mother. A 37-year-old. A foreigner. Because of our identities, we often feel compelled, consciously or unconsciously, to fit into predetermined patterns.
FRAME.OUT is a musical storytelling about personal boundaries and social conventions. Victoria Mozalevskaya invites the audience on a journey that explores the facets of life.
Together with singer Song Yi Jeon, whose voice captivates the audience, and the energetic, innovative sound of the duo Lada Obradovic and David Tixier, the quartet delves deep into its musical world – into complex grooves and experimental sound formation in the context of contemporary jazz.

It is an exploration of the individual stories that make the four musicians who they are and how they reflect the world through their music.

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