Pascale's concert tips in May

Pascale Diggelmann04-28-20242 min. read

Three, is the magic number! I'm back at Moods for the third time and I'm delighted to be working with the greatest team in the world again. And of course: discovering tons of music and attending concerts regularly. Now I've listened to the May program full of anticipation and I have to say, it wasn't easy to limit myself to just a few tips. But I've tried and picked out my favorites for you here.

06.05. Fergus McCreadie Trio
I'd never heard of Fergus McCreadie before until recently, when he was at Moods with corto.alto at the beginning of April. Incidentally, this band is also one of my favorite new discoveries in case you haven't heard of them yet. I like McCreadie's full piano sound and how he mixes jazz with Scottish folklore, which gives the whole thing a unique twist.
09.05. Nubiyan Twist
The concerts of the London Jazz Calling series suit my taste perfectly. With Nubiyan Twist, I'm particularly drawn to the Afrobeat and hip-hop that makes their sound groovy and danceable. Which means there's no way I can watch this concert whilst sitting down.
10.05. Style Bakery feat. Soukey & Z The Freshman / Tommy Vercetti / Dezmond Dez / Nicky B Fly
The Style Bakery takes place regularly at Moods and I have to be honest, for a long time I wasn't much into rap and hip hop. This time, however, even I think the line-up is great. The songs by Tommy Vercetti, among others, made rap more accessible for me. And: Soukey & Z The Freshman are currently conquering Swiss stages with their trappy, melodic sound and their cathy lyrics in "Bärndütsch".
12.05. Malika Tirolien
Yes, the Ascension weekend will be exhausting – one great concert follows the next. Malika Tirolien immediately cast a spell over me with her powerful, warm voice and with the incredibly tight, groovy, clever beats underneath. What I didn't know before, but makes total sense, is that she has already sung with Snarky Puppy and is part of the band Bokanté. Both are projects by Michael League, who incidentally also co-produced her album. The sound on it is somewhere between R&B, soul and hip-hop and jazz. All of this mixed together defines a new genre called "high soul". Make sure to listen to it!
25.05. Cali P
I actually used to play in a reggae band and still love listening to reggae today. And since Cali P is one of the few Swiss reggae performers, of course I've seen him live a few times. This time he will be giving a family concert, so pack up your kids, nieces, nephews and godchildren and come and dance!
31.05. Kolektif Istanbul
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a big Balkan sound lover. Of course I won't be missing the Traktorkestar concert at the beginning of the month (unfortunately it's already sold out, so I didn't put it in the tips) or the Kolektif Istanbul concert. Wild sounds full of joy - the perfect opportunity to dance all your troubles away.

Pascale's concert tips in May

  • Album Release «Stream»

    • Fergus McCreadie Trio

      JazzContemporary Jazz
  • Nubiyan Twist

    • Jazz
    • Jazz Modern Creative
    • Global Sounds
    • Groove Jazz
    • Modern Creative Jazz
    • London Jazz
    • Afrobeats
    • Style Bakery feat. Soukey & Z The Freshman / Tommy Vercetti / Dezmond Dez / Nicky B Fly

      Rap / R'n'B / BrassRap
  • Malika Tirolien

    • Soul / Blues / Funk
    • Neo Soul
  • Family Concert

    • Cali P

      Global SoundsReggae / Ska
  • BalkanEkstra

    • Kolektif Istanbul

      Global SoundsAnatoliaBalkan

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