Who are we and how do we book artists?

Isabelle Tschäppeler03-29-20231 min. read

Last Tuesday we invited musicians to a music scene meeting and answered the most frequently asked questions. It quickly became clear that we should repeat this more often.

When we announced the event, we didn't know whether it would be popular or whether only 5 or 20 people would show up. When more than 50 musicians registered, we were very happy. There were younger, newer talents as well as established musicians who often perform here. We took the opportunity to answer the most common questions that musicians ask us. Who is in the booking team and who is in charge of which area? How does the booking process work, what guidelines does the city give us and how many concerts in which genres do we organise? The "Carte Blanche" of the Musicians' Council was also presented, where we currently stand with the Moods streaming platform was explained and it was announced that we will continue the Moods recording studio this year. The entire presentation can be viewed and downloaded here.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mFJGZjf56iR2i9ep6LkRa9L7GfaR7nmU/view?usp=sharing

Question 1

How many Swiss musicians performed in 2022 in percentage terms?

61% of the performing musicians live in Switzerland or are Swiss

Question 2

How many concerts does Moods organise in the area of jazz and related music styles in percentage terms?

83% of the concerts belong to the genres jazz, soul, funk, blues, RnB, rap and global sounds

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