The Moods December Playlist & Yunus' Highlights

Yunus Durrer12-01-20234 min. read

Album releases, sonic explorations, celebratory parties and musical meetings. Discover the Moods program as a playlist here.

It’s December.What a start to the season it has been. In my case, my first one at a club, my first one at this club. Picking up from where my colleague, Adrian, left off in last month’s blog, these last weeks have been very high paced and a marathon at the same time. To some extent, it’s my own doing - I could have gone home here and there, but I feel like there were many lovely evenings to be had, two floors down from our office. You could say, I was in the mood for Moods - slaps knee enthusiastically.I hope to meet some of you in person in the next weeks, but in the meantime – you can taste some of this December’s Moods buffet as a playlist. I write some, because we have a few projects in store that simply do not exist as a studio album. Check it out in person instead.
Saturday, 02.12.23: Crossing Bosporus
My first personal highlight is such a concert. They performed their debut as a trio in July 2023 in the Engadina (I may or may not have booked this project at my previous station, some festival duly called Festival da Jazz). My uncles Heiri Känzig, Burhan Ocal & Alex Wilson will be performing as Crossing Bosporus, this time in Zurich. In this crossover project, West goes East, Sbrinz meets red pepper, and double bass, darbukha and the piano dance together weaving an Edelweiss Kilim.
Monday, 04.12.23 & Tuesday, 05.12.23: Domi Chansorn’s The Astral Body
About two months ago, Domi Chansorn set up three (yes three) drum sets on the middle of the dance floor and improvised for the better part of two hours with fellow musicians Arthur Hnatek, Mario Hänni and special guest Tillmann Ostendarp on synths. This time, he’s back for two nights with The Astral Body as part of his Carte Blanche series. The group of musicians, a who’s who of a new generation of artists and performers based in Zurich, are going to compose, rehearse and perform on December 4th, sleep and then start from scratch and do it again on the 5th. YES!
Friday, 08.12.23: Mayer’s Indo-Jazz Fusion Trio
In case you can’t make it on Saturday the 2nd, but think this your cup of tea, we have further crossover tunes on December 8th with Mayer’s Indo-Jazz Fusion Trio. Think sitar instead of baglama, microtonal instead of chromatic, tabla instead of darbukha.
Tuesday, 12.12.23: Daniel Schenker Quintet feat. Chris Cheek «No Sertão»
Speaking of Carte Blanche, Daniel Schenker has a double-bill for us on December 12th. Raphael Kalt überdies will start the evening before Schenker and his quintet bring us some sunshine with «No Sertão». Due time for some no-nonsense jazz. After all, we are first and foremost a jazz club.
Thursday, 14.12.23: Julian Sartorius & Ensemble This | Ensemble That
Drums, Drums, Drums and play drum roll - drums.Julian Sartorius will be presenting his new album titled «lrlrlrlrlrlrllrrlrlrl» or something along those lines. One of the more challenging titles to spell. And I forgot to mention, there is a further set of drums.
Sunday, 17.12.23: Yilian Cañizares
My next highlight is a surprise to myself. I had the pleasure of hearing Yilian Cañizares perform in the past, during my time at the Festival da Jazz in St. Moritz. I am very excited for her new project with a larger formation and a different setting on Sunday December 12th. For all those not looking forward to yet another performance of the new year symphony on January 1st, check out the violin in a different musical context. You also do not have to wear formal attire at our club. And believe it or not, applause is not dictated by form, rather appreciated as a means of feedback and expression, for example to praise an artists solo or lyrical reference.
Thursday, 28.12.23: Kyoto Jazz Massive
And to round things off, a riddle or dilemma - do I embrace the massive sound system at Moods with Kyoto Jazz Massive? Or do I go on a little quest and embark on a journey of discovery for our first concerts at Wasserkirche for music performed on the organ by Simon & Tobias Lanz, followed by Martina Berther & Philipp Schlotter? I think I’ll let my hips and ears decide.
Thank you for coming, thank you for listening, thank you for dancing. Hope to see more of you in the new year. More music, more live, more jazz.

Yunus' Highlights:

  • Crossing Bosporus

    Alex Wilson, Heiri Känzig, Burhan Öçal

    • Jazz
    • Global Sounds
    • Global Jazz
    • Groove Jazz
    • Anatolia
  • Carte Blanche

    Domi Chansorn

    • The Astral Body

      JazzPop / Rock / Singer / SongwriterContemporary JazzPopRockSinger
  • Carte Blanche

    Domi Chansorn

    • The Astral Body

      JazzPop / Rock / Singer / SongwriterContemporary JazzPopRockSinger
  • Moods & Spirit Music Society present

    • Mayer’s Indo-Jazz Fusion Trio

      JazzGlobal SoundsGlobal JazzAsia
  • Carte Blanche

    Daniel Schenker

    • Raphael Kalt überdies: «Trail Less Trodden»

      JazzJazz Modern Creative
  • Carte Blanche

    Daniel Schenker

    • Daniel Schenker Quintet feat. Chris Cheek «No Sertão»

      JazzClassic Jazz

    • Julian Sartorius & Ensemble This | Ensemble That

    • Yilian Cañizares

      JazzLatin Jazz
  • Kyoto Jazz Massive

    Moods & Spirit Music Society present

    • Jazz Modern Creative
    • Global Sounds
    • Asia
  • Masterclass & Interview with Kyoto Jazz Massive

    Moods & Spirit Music Society present

    • Jazz Modern Creative
    • Modern Creative Jazz
    • Fusion
  • Album Release «Arches» in der Wasserkirche

    • Simon und Tobias Lanz

      ExperimentalJazzExperimental Jazz
  • Album Release «Matt» in der Wasserkirche

    • Martina Berther / Philipp Schlotter

      ExperimentalJazzExperimental Jazz