Musical Presents

Moods12-01-20221 min. read

Moods annual subscriptions and vouchers make a great gift for a music-loving friend or yourself. From a 20 franc voucher to a 5000 franc lifetime membership, we have something for all price ranges.


An experience to remember: The recipient has a free choice and can redeem the voucher for the club at the box office for any Moods concert.Gutschein bestellen

Annual Membership

A year of joy: With a subscription to Moods, you give away a year of great live concerts, because the recipient gets to attend every concert at Mood.Mehr zur Jahresmitgliedschaft

Streaming Membership

If you prefer to enjoy concerts from home or want to give a gift to a friend far away, a subscription to our streaming service could be just the thing. You can watch over 700 concerts in HD quality and do good at the same time - because 70% of the revenue goes directly to the musicians.Mehr dazu

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