Einladung zur individuellen Hörreise

Frank von Niederhäusern12-21-20231 min. read

Two experimental duos from the Swiss jazz scene join forces for a Moods concert of decelerated music at the Wasserkirche in Zurich.

Churches are not only places of spiritual power. They are also acoustically suitable for concentrated effects, providing space for music that needs to resonate and spread. Not surprisingly, churches have long been used for secular concerts, for example by solo pianists or chamber jazz ensembles.The Catholic parish church of St Peter and Paul in Willisau became the stage for a special concert in September. Martina Berther and Philipp Schlotter, two musicians who usually express themselves with loud to shrill music, sat down at the church organ as part of the Willisau Jazz Festival. The electric bassist from Chur and the Ravensburg-born keyboardist don't care about stylistic categorisation and are much more interested in musical fringe or border areas. They presented their duo programme "Matt" on the organ in Willisau. Very quiet music that minimally shifts soundscapes and thus creates ambient mood changes.Now they are playing "Matt" in the Wasserkirche in their adopted home of Zurich - as part of the Moods programme. On the same evening, the Bernese brothers Simon and Tobias Lanz will be performing their organ programme "Arches", which is based on the experimental adaptation of organ pipe sounds. "We're celebrating a double album release," says Martina Berther, pointing out the special concert situation. "We will be playing in the gallery and the audience will be down in the nave." The best sound can be found there, and people can move around freely and choose the best place or position. It is important to her that people listen to her music with concentration and open up a space for their individual listening journey.Concert Tipp in kulturtippFrank von Niederhäusern, Kulturtipp 27/23Listen to the two albums in advance:

Moods in der Wasserkirche

  • Album Release «Arches» in der Wasserkirche

    • Simon und Tobias Lanz

      ExperimentalJazzExperimental Jazz
  • Album Release «Matt» in der Wasserkirche

    • Martina Berther / Philipp Schlotter

      ExperimentalJazzExperimental Jazz

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