Bigi's Concert Tips in March

Brigitta Grimm03-02-20242 min. read

I have to admit that sometimes I still feel like a greenhorn at Moods, because there are just so many artists I don't know and because there is still so much music to discover. At least, that's how I felt while listening to the music of our upcoming concerts. It surely wasn't easy to pick my favourites from this bouquet of new discoveries. Just come to all of our concerts if you want to make sure to not miss a thing.

Tuesday 05.03.2024: Florian Favre Album Release «Idantitâ #revisited»
The way into my musical heart is easy: beautiful harmonies, a touch of melancholy – just like the dreamy music on Florian Favre's "Idantitâ". I'm already looking forward to hearing how Favre has further developed this music on his album "Idantitâ #Revisitet" and how the new arrangements for euphonium, guitar, violin, cello and voice will sound. However, the album will only be released on 8 March, so you will be going to the concert 'blind', so to speak, or at least unbiased.
Friday 08.03.2024 & Saturday 09.03.2024: Currents Festival
A new era is dawning at the Currents Festival, formerly known as "Apples & Olives". Moving away from the "indie-classical" approach, Currents is dedicated to new, innovative music in toto. From 6 to 9 March, you can hear what is currently creeping along the experimental borders of pop, jazz and classical music. It might definitely be worth taking a little trip across the street to Exil. You can find more information here:
Tuesday 12.03.2024: Lawrence Fields Trio
More beautiful piano sounds. I won't miss Lawrence Fields' show either. If his collaborations with Christian Scott, Takuya Kuroda, Chris Potter and Dave Douglas (who plays Moods the night before) do not speak for themselves, he has also been hailed by Downbeat Magazine as one of the rising stars among jazz pianists over the past five years.
Saturday 16.03.2024: Noura Mint Seymali
Noura Mint Seymali is a griot from Mauritania. Griots – I had to read up on this – are West African singers and instrumentalists who perform epic texts and contribute significantly to their oral tradition. Also interesting: Noura Mint Seymali's instrument, the ardine, is a harp traditionally played only by women.
Enough of the theory! Noura Mint Seymali makes super-cool desert blues. I'm already a fan and hope you will be too.
Tuesday, 19.03.2024: Nduduzo Makhathini
I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for my very piano-heavy recommendations, but there is just no getting around Nduduzo Makhathini. The South African is touring this spring presenting his tenth studio album, "In The Spirit of Ntu". His music is spiritual, sometimes drawing on Zulu chants, sometimes John Coltrane. Makhatini also researches and teaches as head of the Music Department at the University of Fort Hare. A very interesting personality and a great composer and pianist.
Saturday 30.03.2024: Brandee Younger Trio
Brandee Younger's harp breaks away from jazz conventions: Goosebumps are guaranteed with such beautiful songs as "Moving Target". I assume that playing jazz chords on a concert harp certainly presents its own challenges. (You can find me at the front of the stage observing the pedals)
Sonntag 31.03.2024: Çiçek Taksi
A little danceable, a little thoughtful, a little Turkish and Swiss folklore. Here I have to quote the first sentence of our programme text: "Even if you don't understand the lyrics, the music of Çiçek Taksi goes straight to the heart."

Bigi's Concert Tips in March

  • Florian Favre

    Album Release «Idantitâ # revisited»

    • Jazz
  • Currents Festival

    • L'Rain

      ExperimentalAmbient JazzExperimental Jazz
  • Currents Festival

    Uraufführung «Cataclysm» für Bläser und Elektronik

    • Noémi Büchi

  • Currents Festival

    • Moor Mother

      ExperimentalExperimental JazzVocal Jazz
  • Album Release «To The Surface»

    • Lawrence Fields Trio

      JazzModern Creative Jazz
    • Noura Mint Seymali

      Global SoundsAfrica
    • Nduduzo Makhathini

      JazzGlobal SoundsContemporary JazzGlobal JazzAfrica
    • Brandee Younger Trio

      JazzGroove JazzContemporary Jazz
  • Çiçek Taksi

    Album Release «Bin Dilde»

    • Global Sounds
    • Jazz
    • Anatolia
    • Vocal Jazz

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