Yoni Mayraz

The soundtrack for tropical nights – Tages-Anzeiger

Yoni Mayraz KeyboardsTom Driessler BassZoe Pascal Drum KitCallum Connell Saxophon
Yoni Mayraz, who grew up in Tel Aviv and lives in London, has made a name for himself in the British new jazz scene since 2020 with a few singles and the EP «Rough Cuts». On his debut album «Dybbuk Tse!» he combines jazz with elements of 90s New York hip-hop, old-school breakbeats and Middle Eastern music. In Jewish folklore, the «Dybbuk» in the title is the spirit of someone dead in sin who drives into a living body. «Dybbuk Tse!» is the command to the spirit to leave the afflicted body. In this sense, the debut album can be read as the exorcism of evil spirits.

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