Yarima Blanco Y Son Latino

one of the most talented tres players

Yarima Blanco Vocals, TresYusmel Ávila Vocals, PercussionYunior Hiidalgo Vocals, PercussionGerard Armenteros TrumpetOscar Fernández GuitarHirán Carralero BassAndrés Pérez Percussion
Yarima Blanco is an outstanding Tres Cubano player and one of the few outside of Cuba to master this unique three-stringed instrument. With her own septet, Son Latino, she combines various Cuban styles with Latin American influences. Her electrifying performances showcase not only her impressive technique on the tres, but also her powerful voice and charisma. Blanco perfected her skills during several years of study in Cuba and quickly became a sought-after artist, also making waves on the international jazz scene with the orchestra ANACAONA. Pancho Amat, international master of the tres cubanos, describes Blanco's talent as exceptional.

This concert recording was made with the support of Migros Culture Percentage.

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