Mauricio Caruso Solo

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Mauricio Caruso Guitar
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The Solar - Brazil Music Festival is an event organized by the Adalu Association that presents the cultural richness of Brazil with a fresh, active and conscious approach. It is a bold movement to promote Brazil's multicultural synergy through dialogues between popular traditions and modern experimental music. Solar 2023 is the fourth edition of the festival and presents four concerts by artists who reside in Brazil, as well as Brazilian artists who live in Europe.

In his musical diversity, guitarist and composer Mauricio Caruso, who trained at the University of São Paulo, has spent the last two years researching guitar composers who are enormously relevant to Brazilian music of the early 20th century. These musicians used elements of popular music from different regions of Brazil, as well as elements of nature and their regional culture. Among them are Villa Lobos, Garoto, Guerra Peixe, João Pernambuco, as well as Astor Piazzolla (Argentina) and Leo Brouwer (Cuba).

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