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Songs full of optimism about encounters, light and love

Francisco Gil Guitar, VocalsJoão Gil Vocals, Guitar, BassJosé Gil Guitar, Bass, VocalsDiogo Barbieri KeyboardsRicardo Guerra Percussion
Formed in 2018, the trio Gilsons, consisting of Francisco, João and José Gil, is currently taking the music world by storm. With the auspicious, as well as obvious, band name Gilsons referring to their family name, they also allude musically to the classic MPB music of their father and grandfather Gilberto Gil, incorporating elements of pop-rock, samba, reggae and bahiano.rAfter a string of successful hits, including Várias Queixas and Devagarinho, the band released their debut album Pra Gente Acordar last year, which was nominated for a Latin Grammy in the category of Best Contemporary Pop Album in Portuguese in September 2022. In it, they sing with confidence about journeys and encounters, about light and about love, to which one should surrender without fear.

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