Claudia Masika

A large portion of humour and positive energy in meaningful songs; on stage a force to be reckoned with!

Claudia Masika Vocals, Dance, PercussionSandra Guerini Vocals, DanceMatthias Lauber Saxophon, Keyboards, VocalsRené Reimann GuitarChristoph Pinter BassOmar Diadji Drum Kit, PercussionWilli Hauenstein Percussion, Vocals
Claudia Masika is a natural born singer from Kenya, whose talent was recognized early on by her grandmother. It was from her that Claudia learned the magic of traditional singing in the Luo language. Claudia has been gaining a foothold in Switzerland for around 15 years and has established herself as a top act with her international band. Her own version of the Afro-fusion sound has found favor with a wide audience at home and abroad, far beyond the Afro fan community. On stage, Claudia Masika is a force to be reckoned with, and with a large portion of positive energy and humor, meaningful songs and an experienced band behind her, she brings a smile to the audience's faces and rhythm to their legs.

This concert recording was made with the support of Migros Culture Percentage.

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