Zurich Jazz Orchestra Funk Night

Joseph Bowie’s Big Band Funk - The Legendary Music of Defunkt

Top hits from Defunkt and the full power of the Zurich Jazz Orchestra

Ed Partyka DirectorJoseph Bowie Vocals, TromboneReto Anneler SaxophonLukas Heuss SaxophonToni Bechtold SaxophonTobias Pfister SaxophonNils Fischer SaxophonPatrick Ottiger TrumpetWolfgang Häuptli TrumpetBernhard Schoch TrumpetRaphael Kalt TrumpetAdrian Weber TromboneRené Mosele TromboneMaurus Twerenbold TromboneJonas Inglin TromboneTheo Kapilidis GuitarGregor Müller PianoPatrick Sommer BassPius Baschnagel Drum KitTanja Dankner VocalsDeborah Merian Vocals
Joseph Bowie is the brother of the big band musician Byron Bowie and the co-founder of the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Lester Bowie. Joe himself founded the punk-funk-jazz group Defunkt in 1978. The band released several genre-bending albums in the 1980s, and their music has been called one of the most adventurous sounds of the last quarter of the 20th century. Over the past 20 years, Joe Bowie has also worked to adapt this music for big band. One of the arrangers Joe has worked with since 2011 is Ed Partyka. The ZJO is looking forward to an energetic evening of danceable hits from the long history of Defunkt.

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