El Morabba3

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Socially committed lyrics with the force of raw, electronic post-rock

Mohammad Abdullah Bass, VocalsBasel Naouri Keyboards, Synthesizer
Back in 2009, their fresh rock/post-rock electronic sound, described as euphoric, holistic, spacey, and raucous quickly catapulted the Jordanian-Palestinian band from Amman to massive success; an artistic journey that saw them become one of the leading socially and politically outspoken bands reviving the Arab independent music scene. El Morabba3 broke cultural barriers and appealed to a generation of hunger-stricken fans living in an unstable and restless region, as they craved a new sound; one that expressed the thoughts, concerns, and anger of the people towards the realities they are living today.

Today, Muhammad Abdulla and Basel Naouri live in Berlin, they have restructured the band and take El Morabba3's earlier aesthetic evolution into a new direction. Departing from the raw post-rock energy of the first album and the polished instrumental/electronic fervor of the second, the artists have taken a deep dive into experimentation with electronic tunes and storytelling.

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