Caroline Chevin ft. Rose Ann Dimalanta

Two extraordinary musicians perform together for the first time for a handful of concerts.

Caroline Chevin VocalsRose Ann Dimalanta Vocals, PianoOli Keller Guitar, VocalsJwan Steiner Drum Kit, Percussion
Two extraordinary musicians, whose paths have crossed again and again over the years, are fulfilling their wish to perform together for the first time:
Caroline Chevin is known for her strong voice, her soulful songs that tell authentic stories. On top of this comes her top-class entertainment, with which she captivates every audience.
Rose Ann Dimalanta, internationally sought-after pianist, singer and composer, known from her performances with Prince and in this country with Seven, commands the stage with her virtuoso playing. Her musical versatility makes her a fascinating artist.
The collaboration between the two musicians promises a great musical synergy. They will play songs that have made them what they are today and tell each other stories from their musical lives. The two will be accompanied by the coriphiles Oli Keller on guitar and Jwan Steiner on drums.

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