Liniker E Os Caramelows

Liniker Barros VocalsRenata Essis VocalsEder França Saxophon, FluteWilliam Zaharanszki GuitarFernando TRZ KeyboardsRafael Barone BassMarja Lenski PercussionPéricles Zuanon Drum Kit
Liniker e os Caramelows are a celebration of life, colourful and open. With her charismatic performance, her distinctive soul voice and her humorous play with identities, Liniker, the Afro-Brasilian transgender songstress has within a few years ascended to become an icon of Brasilian contra-culture. Together with her band, OS Caramelows, she is without doubt one of the most exciting musical acts that Sao Paolo, the metropole of millions, currently has to offer. They blend Brasilian Soul with the heritage of Musica Popular Brasileira. The result is a definitely more intensive, danceable sound, sometimes sensitive, other times energetic. The rhythmical diversity ranges from powerful horns, rock elements and flute funk. One does not need to understand Portuguese in order to be completely taken by the show’s many extraordinary dimensions.

Supported by SüdKulturFonds

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