Leo Middea Solo

Moods & Adalu present

Delightful, catchy tunes and tireless energy

Leo Middea Guitar, Vocals
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The Solar - Brazil Music Festival is an event organized by the Adalu Association that presents the cultural richness of Brazil with a fresh, active and conscious approach. It is a bold movement to promote Brazil's multicultural synergy through dialogues between popular traditions and modern experimental music. Solar 2023 is the fourth edition of the festival and presents four concerts by artists who reside in Brazil, but also Brazilian artists who live in Europe.

Leo Middea comes from a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, at the age of 27 he has already traveled the world with his guitar and currently lives in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon. Anyone who sees him on stage is immediately gripped by the energy of his delightful and catchy songs and his tireless presence. Now his latest album Gente was released in May this year.

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