Danceable grooves and musical storytelling

Anh Yi Ho VocalsKwon Song Hee VocalsChun Hyo Jeong VocalsJang Young Gyu BassNoddy Woo BassYongjin Lee Drum Kit
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Leenalchi shows us how experimental and avant-garde the K-pop scene can be. The band from Seoul has dedicated itself to reinterpreting the Korean storytelling genre Pansori, which is characterized by a special performance style with vocals and percussion. The band sings verses of traditional Korean fairy tales and draws musical inspiration from alt-rock and eighties new wave. By dissecting and rearranging traditional elements, the result is music that is forward-looking, but at the same time strongly rooted in tradition. In Korea itself, the band has long been established, filling concert halls, winning various Korean Music Awards, and appearing in a Netflix production. Leenalchi gained international attention in 2020 with their song Tiger Is Coming and subsequently thrilled audiences at renowned festivals including Roskilde, Pohoda, Womad, Fusion and the FMM Festival.

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