Fendika & K-Sanchis

Nardos Tesfaw VocalsRobel SolomonBita ManeHabtamu YeshambelMesay AbebayeSteve Buchanan SaxophonJeroen Visser SaxophonMelaku BelayEmebet Woldetsdik
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Melaku Belay is one of Ethiopia’s most renowned dancers. He possesses immense knowledge about traditional dance forms from the most diverse regions of Ethiopia and understands how to combine and further develop these with modern elements. In addition, he is the founder of the Fendika Cultural Center in Addis Abeba.

K-Sanchis & Fendika is a collaboration between the Zurich musicians Jeroen Visser (baritone sax), Steve Buchanan (alto sax) and the house band of Fendika. For the residence in Moods the group – comprising six musicians, two dancers and a songstress – creates something new from the sound of traditional instruments. Thereby the dance of Melaku Belay and Emebet Woldetsedik shows how closely the dance and the music are interwoven. The line-up is completed with the songstress Nardos Tesfaw, who can soon be seen in the latest work by the Swiss film-maker Heidi Specogna.

Supported by SüdKulturFonds

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