Egopusher - 10 Years Celebration Rave

Tobias Preisig ViolinAlessandro Giannelli Drum Kit, Electronics
If you've ever seen Egopusher live, you'll definitely remember a unique, epic live experience that makes every cell in your body vibrate and makes your head spin. On 11/22/2013 they played their first concert at the legendary offspace Perla Mode on Zurich's Langstrasse. Since then, the band has toured Europe and Asia with their idiosyncratic blend of electronica and neoclassical music and released four albums, the last two of which were released on the Zurich-based label Quiet Love Records. This year Egopusher celebrate their 10th anniversary and therefore invite you to the 10 Years Celebration Rave at Moods. It may and must be danced!

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