Goumour Almoctar aka Bombino Guitar, VocalsIllias Mohamed Guitar, VocalsYouba Dia BassCorey Wilhelm Drum Kit
Desert Blues from one of the most promising musicians from Africa! The singer and guitarist Omara «Bombino» Moctar is a charismatic personality; as a member of a Tuareg tribe in the Central African Niger he fosters a deep awareness for the music of the Nomads. During the last ten years Bombino has developed into an internationally known and admired musician with a sizeable list of fans and musical collaborators. This includes Stevie Wonder, Keith Richards, Robert Plant, Dave Longstreth, Dan Auerbach and many more. He was last in Moods in 2016, now he returns with his sixth album «Deran» - which means something like «with best wishes». Recorded in Casablanca, it is to date Bombino's most gripping and multi-faceted album with wishes for a world that is currently full of pain and chaos.

Supported by SüdKulturFonds

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