Christoph Grab’s REFLECTIONS feat. Alex Sipiagin

Album Release «Oneness»

The winner of the Swiss Jazz Award 2023 with a celebrated ensemble and a star trumpet player

Christoph Grab SaxophonAndreas Tschopp TromboneBänz Oester BassPius Baschnagel Drum Kitfeat.Alex Sipiagin Trumpet, Flugelhorn
The Swiss jazz critic Peter Rüedi praises Christoph Grab's ensemble REFLECTIONS as "top-notch, both in the solo flights of all the participants and in the arranged passages" – an ensemble whose interplay is now so harmonious that it has grown into a single organism. Hence the title of their latest album "Oneness" (2024 Lamento Rec), whose meaning also includes being one with the world, empathy and a model for constructive interaction with one another – all qualities that are particularly relevant in today's world.
As on the previous album "Live at Haberhaus" (Lamento Rec), the music on "Oneness" is based on compositions by Thelonious Monk, to which Christoph Grab adds his own twist through his arrangements. The result is a vibrant, inspired album that shows how iconic material from jazz history can be used to create something new and unheard of.
As a special treat, the band has invited none other than Russian-American trumpeter Alex Sipiagin to join them at Moods. It promises to be a unique evening.

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