Anna & Stoffner mit Membrez und Mantel

Anna Frey

Wide awake, dark and intoxicating

Anna Frey VocalsFlo Stoffner GuitarVincent Membrez Synthesizer, Fender-Rhodes E-PianoLukas Mantel Drum Kit
The band Anna & Stoffner with Membrez and Mantel captivates with a highly energetic interplay of virtuoso musicians and urgent, unsparing lyrics. Rapper Anna Frey and guitarist Flo Stoffner, with Vincent Membrez on synthesizers and Lukas Mantel on drums, develop an intensity that is hard to resist.
«Less than little is nothing, but little is more than nothing, little makes a difference.»
This band is not afraid of the void and does not cover it up, but faces it, follows it and thus develops its own language, with driving grooves, poppy melodies, free improvisation, idiosyncratic guitars and dark, engaging basses. Rapper Anna Frey moves over this musical diversity with her poetic lyrics. Sometimes in singsong, sometimes in harsh phrasing. Always in search of the immediate expression.

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