A lot of professionalism for little money: use Moods as a recording studio!

Moods03-30-20231 min. read

During the summer break, the club is empty - the perfect opportunity to use the infrastructure of Moods for your recordings.

Whether it's a professionally recorded live session or a well-planned music video: You can record your project in the Moods summer studio. During the summer break from mid-June to mid-September, we make the Mood's premises and infrastructure available to musicians. You can expect a stage with concert lighting, 12 HD cameras, a video and sound studio. You will also be supported by our technical team. The infrastructure can be used free of charge - you only have to pay for the work of our technical team. This amounts to CHF 450 per person and day (8h) (sound technology, video technology, lighting technology). We are looking forward to your request!Technical Info:Moods Audio Rider
Moods Backline Rider 
Jacqueline Nodari
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